Unhindered Volunteer Program

Many different experiences await MSKU Volunteers without Barriers. Are you ready to advocate for individuals with disabilities? You will be able to take trainings and participate in projects for individuals with disabilities and participate in awareness raising activities with individuals with disabilities. For this purpose, you can register for the MSKU VOLUNTEER PROGRAM WITHOUT DISABILITIES.


The Unhindered MSKU Volunteer Program is a program created to support the personal and professional development of volunteers.
Within the scope of this program, you will be able to participate in monthly trainings to be given by Turkey's leading experts on working with individuals with disabilities, and you will have the opportunity to go to 1 workshop/congress free of charge in order to see good examples in the "Working with Individuals with Disabilities", which will be held in the spring, which will be carried out monthly with psychologist supervision social support group.
At the end of the program, you will receive a Certificate of Participation in the Unhindered MSKU VOLUNTEER Program. By meeting Turkey's leading experts through the unhindered MSKU VOLUNTEER program, you can improve your network, be together with sensitive people like you, and increase your knowledge and skills to work with individuals with disabilities.

Who Can Participate?
MSKU students and graduates who have graduated in the last 3 years can participate in the program.

What are the Program Conditions?
In order to become an Unhindered MSKU Volunteer, you are expected to take part in at least 10 hours of pre-edition activities every month.